Executive Transfer Services

BILLIONAIRES GATE LUXURY LIMOUSINE knows that travelling is not easy. It is stressful and time consuming. From your business trips or leisure breaks we can guarantee to provide a reliable hassle free airportchauffeurs.

Airport Transfers
Airport Transfers

Are you a keen traveller? Do you travel often? Well, even if you don’t, you will love our airport services. We provide Executive and Luxury airport chauffeur driven with the most knowledgeable and forward thinking chauffeurs. We offer the finest chauffeur driven from small to big groups.

Our chauffeurs are well-trained and experienced. They know exactly what it takes for you to have a hassle-free trip whether you are coming from the airport or all set to go to the airport.

Transfers Between Cities

This is also one of our most common services, and rides usually take place between cities that are relatively close. This is a very comfortable trip that customers can take advantage of to work or simply to relax.

Others: Transfers between two points in a city, such as from or to ports, train stations, offices, etc.

Our helpful team will provide services catered for your needs. Our team is available everyday 24 / 7 to ensure your travel will be hassle free.

Chauffeur Service

These are hourly services in which all the stops are perfectly planned. They can last one or several days, and cover various cities. They have a commercial or economic purpose, which could be presenting a project or visiting potential investors. These rides generally last between five or ten hours so passengers may visit a city's most popular tourist spots. They are frequently requested during cruise liner stops at popular tourist destinations. Other common rides include pick-ups for dinners or other leisure activities, as well as hourly services for visiting offices or branches in other cities, etc.

Chauffeur Service
Car Hire
Car Hire

Billionaires Gate Luxury Limousine Offering competitive prices in over 120 countries worldwide at more than 22,000 locations and we guarantee to have a car at a location to suit you

The cars have several varieties, such as small economy cars to large 4x4s.
They have additional Baby seats and GPS.
Apart from that short-term car hire comes with many benefits and special features designed to make your experience a most memorable one.

  • Latest models of vehicles that are in perfect condition.
  • Saloons, SUVs, sedans, pick-ups, buses, and trucks.
  • We make sure your insurance is covered.
  • You can access through a toll-free number 24/7.
  • Roadside service and handling of emergencies 24/7.
  • Replacement for free anytime.

Billionaires Gate Luxury Limousine specializes in long-term car rentals so that you need not worry about your travel and travel-related activities and can focus on your work. For corporate, we offer reasonable leases of a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs. Lease periods may range from 12 months up to 48 months. We guarantee that we have the best offers for you to run your business smoothly and efficiently as far as any kind of commuting is involved.

We have special schemes attached to long-term lease of vehicles.

  • Employee allowance schemes
  • Funding the Vehicle purchase
  • Registration management
  • Insurance and accident repair services
  • 24/7 breakdown and recovery truck service across the country
VIP Meet and Greet Service

Billionaires Gate Luxury Limousine provides exclusive meet-and-greet services at all main airports. We ensure that you have a quick, smooth and safe way in or way out through the airport, whether you are arriving , departing, or catching a connection.

Our group airport attendant services cater to large groups of professionals, friends or families. They take care of all the airport formalities while you can sit back and relax.

If you are looking for a VIP meet-and-greet services, we are equipped for that with a perfect first-class service that takes care of every minute detail to make you comfortable and have a smooth journey.

We make sure that every journey is memorable and stress-free.

VIP Meet and Greet Service
VIP Lounge Access Services
VIP Lounge Access Services

BILLIONAIRES GATE LUXURY LIMOUSINE understands how travelling can be so stressful. With our VIP lounge access services you can relax, grab some drinks, be productive or just get away from it all. We can provide you the peace of mind on your journey.

Our VIP Lounge Access Service are often filled with complimentary amenities such as premium food andsnacks, fully stocked bars, modern shower facilities, fast WiFi, plentiful power outlets and secure business centres.

Event Chauffeur Service

We understand that your wedding day is the most important day in your life and that you wouldn’t let anything come in the way of doing it perfectly. We provide a range of high-end luxurious cars and the most sensitive and committed chauffeurs to make sure your big day goes well.

We make sure your guests also remember your wedding for a lifetime. For us, it is very important that our clients arrive in style at the city hall, church, wedding ceremony, or wedding reception.

We offer a most luxurious wedding chauffeuring services with a collection of classic wedding cars for you to choose from. Your chauffeur will also help you along with a photographer to capture the best memories in your luxury car.

We will definitely make your wedding just the way you dreamt of it. Check out our wedding luxury services and we will make it a ‘larger than life’ experience for you.

If you have any specific demands, always feel free to contact us.

Event Chauffeur Service
VIP Security Service
VIP Security Service

In locations where personal safety is threatened, we recommend our security services to our clients to ensure their safety.

Our security services offer you the peace of mind to conduct your business, whilst we look after your wellbeing in a carefully planned way.

We see quite often that people have to pass by places where safety is threatened. We offer reliable security services, while taking good care of your wellbeing midst any trouble.

For low-profile security, to make you secure and free of additional tension, we have unarmed professional security escorts (PSE).

For medium-profile security, there are Armed PSEs (Professional Security Escorts) and non-armored vehicles.

The high-profile security has fully armed PSEs with fully armored vehicles with surveillance systems and police escorts.

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